Non-Profit Accounting


Non-profit organizations are a valuable element of every community. But many non-profits struggle to manage their resources while staying focused on their mission. Practical financial oversight from a non-profit CPA firm like Maxwell CPA is vital to keeping your organization up and running. We'll help you comply with state and federal grant requirements, establish internal controls, and prepare and file annual 990 tax forms. We understand that maintaining your tax-exempt status is vital to the success of your organization so we develop accounting procedures around these revenue and expense classifications.

Whether your organization is a church, charity, museum, private school, chamber of commerce, animal shelter, human service agency, or any other type of non-profit, Maxwell CPA can offer the financial management needed to keep your organization functioning. When we oversee your accounting and bookkeeping processes, you’ll see how to stretch your funds farther so your organization can accomplish the most good.

Don’t let the hassles of nonprofit accounting distract you from your organization’s goals! Call our Arkansas CPA firm now at 870-364-8992 or request a free consultation online to learn more about how we can work with your non-profit.

Non-profit accounting and bookkeeping: